The Citadelle Group strives to support the dynamism of overseas territories and play a role in their economic and social development. We are committed to promoting the cultural richness and local heritage of our territories of operation.


Our commitments to youth and sports.

In 2023, the Citadelle Group sponsors its collaborator Benoit Annette in the Martinique Rally Tour with his Toyota Yaris GR as the lead car. They also support Steeven Orosemane and Simon Jean-Joseph, an European Rally champion and the most decorated driver in the Caribbean.

Athletes sponsored at the Olympics
‘Yoles’ sponsored at the ‘Tour des Yoles 2023’
Sports organizations and events sponsored across 4 regions.
Regions of intervention

Our commitments to culture and heritage.

In 2020, the yole of Martinique, a cultural cornerstone of the island, was inscribed on UNESCO’s intangible heritage list. The Citadelle Group, the winner of the 2022 Tour des Yoles with the yole SARA AD Martinique, is furthering its commitment to preserving the island’s sports and cultural heritage in 2023. Together, the Athena Group and the Citadelle Group, through SAPRO and PNEUS CASH, are supporting the Vini Wè Sa association for the 2023 Tour des Yoles. With this partnership, both groups pledge to sustain this traditional activity and support the association’s projects for the promotion of yoles.

History of the French Overseas Territories

To promote the study of the history of the French overseas territories, the Citadelle Group has been supporting the History Book Prize of the Overseas Territories since its inception. Additionally, in 2023, the group committed to supporting the 47th Congress of the French Colonial History Society, which took place in Martinique.

Our commitments to training and education

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Our commitments to training and education

The Citadelle Group established the Citadelle School, ‘Ecole Citadelle’, in Martinique in 2018. The school designs training programs for professionals, leveraging a network of international expert trainers. Since 2020, the school has become an accredited training organization and is certified QUALIOPI.


The Citadelle Internship Program (CIP) welcomes students from top Business Schools and Engineering Schools. As integrated members of our teams, CIP interns actively contribute to strategic missions and gain valuable professional experience. The program provides a competitive package and personalized integration, complemented by specific training sessions aimed at acquiring relevant skills.

In the Citadelle Group, we take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability, aligning with the Toyota Beyond Zero approach. As part of this commitment, from 2021 to 2024, the CCIE (Citadelle Corporate Institute for the Environment) supports the thesis work of a student focusing on the effects of pollution on mangrove ecosystems. This thesis is supervised by the National Museum of Natural History.

Furthermore, the CCIE is actively engaged in a partnership with the City of Lamentin in Martinique and the Caribaea Initiative, an association dedicated to strengthening scientific expertise in the insular Caribbean to better protect biodiversity. Together, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of mangroves and to take concrete actions to protect and restore these invaluable habitats.

Discover the mini-series “Kes Ki Change?”, a production of CCIE Automobiles and Toyota Martinique, presented by Jean-Noël Degrace. Immerse yourself in an exploratory journey into the impacts of climate change on the Caribbean territories, while highlighting concrete actions for a more sustainable future.