Kaizen day for continuous improvement

The word KaiZen comes from “kai”, change, and “zen”, better. Introduced in Japan in Toyota factories in the 1950s, the Kaizen method is a continuous improvement process based on concrete, simple and inexpensive actions. Small, continuous improvements and problems eliminated on a daily basis, combined with progressive process optimization, allow to achieve long-term goals. Kaizen is a state of mind that requires the involvement of all actors. To be effective, all employees must participate by giving their ideas.


The Kaizen state of mind is dear to the Citadelle group, which is why the group’s subsidiaries dedicate a working day each year to continuous improvement: the Kaizen day.


All employees are involved in workshops, the aim of which is to discuss issues and identify areas for improvement. The latter can concern the work organization as well as equipment or the operation of a service: any proposal devoted to improvement.


One of the flagship workshops is the Becoming Better, a team brainstorming whose instructions are to propose concrete actions for improvement. The workshop ends with an action plan, the progress of which is monitored throughout the year.

Roseline Symphor Bonheur

Roseline Symphor Bonheur

Roseline Symphor Bonheur

Chrono Service-CCS Team Leader


My professional experience (30 years in the automotive industry) was boosted when I took part in these days which I described as “boring” just by the name! But great was my surprise, when I understood that I had at my disposal an enriching philosophy that I could adopt not only in the professional environment, but also in my personal life!


I recognized fundamental principles (which every human being should know by the way), accompanied by a methodology using precious tools which I use without restraint in my own life!


I don’t think that 100 words will be enough to describe the benefits of these days on MYSELF, the Manager that I have become, the woman in this society where machismo is still very present, the mother… In short! everyone gets something out of it, and I sincerely hope to be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

A Kaizen Day in the Citadelle Group

Journée Kaizen

A Kaizen Day in the Citadelle Group

Solidarity day transformed into Kaizen Day with the aim of improving our services, our teams and our performances.


The Kaizen day begins with breakfast. Then the employees are divided into working groups to carry out workshops.


The flagship workshop is “Becoming better”. Employees propose improvement actions which are then shared with the facility manager. An action plan is drawn up and must be carried out during the year.


The Kaizen day ends with a meal. It is above all a day of exchanges of good practices, ideas and procedures.