The Citadelle Group is a mobility operator in the Overseas Territories. We are aware that today we are experiencing the beginning of a major transformation of jobs related to mobility, a consequence of the vital choices that must be made facing the challenges of the climate change linked to CO2 emissions.

Key figures

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Turn over in 2021
New cars sold in 2021

Askja : our partner in Iceland

In 2020, the Citadelle Group entered the capital of Askja, distributor of Mercedes-Benz, Kia and Honda brands in Iceland. This partnership promotes the exchange of best practices and market intelligence between the two entities, as Jón Trausti, Managing Director of Askja, points out. « Citadelle joined the Askja team at the beginning of 2020. Their rich experience in the automotive industry has brought a valuable contribution to our business. Strong determination and focus on key business metrics have simultaneously accelerated our performances. Since 2020, the partnership has been outstanding. »

Portrait of Hjorleifur Jakobsson
Hjörleifur Jakobsson, Chairman of the Board
Portrait of Jon Trausti Olafsson
Jón Trausti Ólafsson, Managing Director of Bílaumboðið Askja