The Citadelle Group is fully owned by the Comte-Serres Group. This family group was born from the creation in 1919 of the joint-stock company Louis Serres et Cie in Algiers, to offer trucking and transit services.The Citadelle Group itself was formed in 2001 by the Comte-Serres Group in order to bring together its companies specializing in the automotive industry in the overseas territories.


The first of these was CCIE in Martinique, created in 1965 by Guy Serres, Louis Serres’ son, to distribute DAF cars and trucks. In 1967, Guy Serres Junior created a branch in Guyana sold in 1976 to Mr. Fiammante, and which took the name NCCIE (New CCIE).


In 1972, CCIE had the opportunity to be appointed Toyota importer in Martinique. Toyota’s success with the people of Martinique made CCIE the driving force behind the Group’s development and new activities were thus created or bought out:

All the companies that make up our Group have their own history and specific culture. Moreover, we strive to define and share common values to guide our individual and collective professional action.