Aware of the major transformations of our future in our businesses, we strive to test and develop all the potential innovations useful to meet the challenges (decarbonization of our businesses activities, evolution in mobility consumption).


ZWAV is a micro-mobility operator in Réunion. It operates a fleet of electric vehicles (bicycles, scooters and cars). Its ecological service is directly accessible to users of the island via a mobile application. This shared mobility solution complements the public transport offer and aims to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the daily life of users.


oOvango, a specialist in the sale of km 0, low mileage and recent second-hand cars at the best price, also offers overseas users dedicated auto-motorcycle editorial content.


This platform allows to search, compare and buy vehicles using clear, reliable and easy-to-access information. It offers a complete online purchase journey for digital enthusiasts and a mixed journey for other customers.

Km 0, low mileage and recent second-hand cars

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Km 0, low mileage and recent second-hand cars offers an alternative sales channel to dealers for new vehicles that have been in stock for more than six months, pre-registered vehicles and used vehicles less than two years old.

Overseas Auto-Motorcycle Editorial Content

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Overseas Auto-Motorcycle Editorial Content

Through its editorial contents, aims to significantly increase access to automotive information in French Overseas territories. News, buying and maintenance advice, tests are displayed on all the platform’s social networks.