Our values

Since 2001, the Citadelle Group has adopted a general vision and values shared by all its subsidiaries. This vision and its values are revised every  5 to 10 years and serve to guide our actions for the group and the companies that make it up. We are also attached to the singularity of the cultures of each of our companies, which have their own vision.


Today, our values are defined as follows :


• Professionalism : preparation and rigor in all our actions

• Team spirit : effort to make others succeed

• Quality : respect for commitment by favoring simplicity, innovation and cost control

• Innovation : invention, exploration, experimentation

• Expression : obligation to express and explain disagreements


Toyota Award 2022

The group makes customer satisfaction its priority. The continuous deployment of new technological tools supports the efforts of our teams towards a constantly improved customer experience. Every year since 2018, we have obtained the Customer Delight Excellence Award Silver issued by Toyota. Finally in 2021 CCIE as awarded the Gold Award for Sales Excellence.

Our corporate culture

Composed of a great diversity of corporate cultures to which we are attached, we cultivate synergies by pooling central services and sharing common values.
The values common to our Group are of course a structuring element of our culture and of the diverse cultures of the companies that constitute it.


Nevertheless, certain processes common to the entire Group contribute to strengthen our common values and our team spirit. The most important of these is the Kaizen Day. Once a year, all the employees of each company work without customers to transform the company into a training and coordination school through multiple workshops. The Kaizen Day always finishes with a closing event in the form moments of conviviality that bring together all the teams.


Néanmoins, certains processus communs à tout le Groupe contribuent à renforcer nos valeurs communes et notre cohésion. Le plus important d’entre eux est la Journée Kaizen. Une fois par an, tous les salariés de chaque entreprise travaillent sans client pour transformer l’entreprise en école de formation et de coordination à travers de multiples ateliers. La Journée Kaizen s’achève toujours par un moment de convivialité réunissant les équipes.